If you want to be a successful leader in today's business world you need to think like an ACTIVIST.

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What people are saying about
“The Activist Leader”

A must read for all current and aspiring leaders.

Paul Polman

Former CEO of Unilever

The Activist Leader blends inspiring examples of business transformation with pragmatism.

Judy Samuelson

Founder and Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program

The call to action for today’s leadership is what this book is all about, with some terrific insights and down to earth advice.

Ajay Banga

President of the World Bank, Former President and CEO of Mastercard

CNN Quest on Business –

What can and should businesses do about LGBTQ+ rights? Talking to CNN’s Richard Quest.

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Oxford University –

A lecture on the “nine steps to thinking like an activist”, hosted by the Principal at Mansfield College.

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Brunswick Social Value Review –

The authors talk about ‘the playbook’ for being an activist leader in business.

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University College London –

Talking about the next generation of leadership and a seismic shift in the world of work.

Focusing Capital on the Long Term –

Talking about the future of capitalism with Sarah Williamson, CEO of FCTL Global.

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Merryck Leadership Coaching –

How to develop leaders for the future, working with some of the world’s top executive coaches.

Publication Day at Davos –

Talking about the role of leadership at a high-level lunch at the World Economic Forum.

Wall Street Journal –

The Financial Impact of ESG: a discussion with WSJ’s CFO Network

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An ACTIVIST mindset for doing business

Most people currently think of activists as those who are trying to rattle the cages of corporates, to get them to change. This book asks, “Why wait for that? Why not rattle the cage yourself?”

Available on Amazon. Set to launch in US September 19, 2023. Buy here


Lucy Parker and Jon Miller - Authors The Activist Leader

Jon Miller and Lucy Parker work together helping companies get to grips with their role in society. For over a decade; they’ve been at the forefront of this debate. As leaders of Brunswick’s work on sustainable business, they advise senior leaders on many of their toughest challenges – from the climate crisis to the “culture wars”.